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2020 年订阅付费列表

2020 年,我为以下订阅内容付费:

项目 每月费用
1Password Family Plan $ 4.99
Amazon Prime $ 12.99
Audible Membership $ 14.95
Digital Ocean $ 5
iCloud Storage $ 2.99
Netflix Family Plan $ 11.99
Nintendo Switch Online Family Plan $ 3
Spotify Premium Duo Plan $ 12.99
Stratechery + Dithering $ 12.5
YouTube Premium Family Plan $ 14.99

cloudwu/coroutine 在 macOS 上的 bug

周末阅读了云风八年前用 C 语言实现的协程库。代码非常简洁,只有二百来行,展示了如何基于 ucontext 函数库实现非对称协程(Asymmetric Coroutine),且不同的协程共享同一个栈空间。

运行测试程序的时候发现,测试程序在 Linux 上可以成功运行,然而在 macOS 上却会进入一个死循环,看上去是由于 ucontext 在不同平台的实现不同引起的。于是,花了一些时间阅读 ucontext 在 macOS 上的实现,理解了协程无法继续运行的原因,并提供了一个解决思路。

我的 macOS 软件列表(2020 年)


Docker 入门

Docker 说到底就是一个轻量级的“虚拟机”管理器,只不过这里的“虚拟机”不是真正的虚拟机,而是用起来像是虚拟机的一种东西,姑且称之为容器(Container)。之所以较之虚拟机更为轻量级,这是因为运行这些容器的其实是同一个操作系统。

Minimum Selenium Tutorial

Selenium is an umbrella project for a range of tools and libraries that enable and support the automation of web browsers. In my own words, it’s a solution for you to manipulate a browser in scripts.

As you can imagine, this can be useful in many ways. In tech companies, this is used to test web pages. For personal projects, we can use it to crawl some information which is hard to query directly.

Migrate Away from Octopress

I have been using Octopress since 2012, and it works fine for me in all these years. But unfortunately the project has been abandoned since January 2015, which means it depends on a lot of legacy packages, and misses a lot of fancy new features. For example, the version I was using depends on jekyll-0.11.2, while jekyll-4.0.0 was already released in August 2019.


启用全新的域名 WANGYI.AI,并增加了 SSL 支持。

选择了 AI 域名后缀,并不是会写更多和 AI(Artificial Intelligence) 相关的内容,而主要是因为 COM 和 IO 域名后缀无法购买,AI 作为关键词,和计算机密切相关,也有人对于自身智慧一无所知的神秘,用作域名,对自己也是一种提示,不要忘记对于未知的敬畏。

增加 SSL 支持。在调试新域名的过程中,发现 HTTP 流量会被未知服务器缓存,无法调试(事后发现,是我在设置 DNS 的时候,IP 地址打错了一位,解析到了别人的服务器,造成的囧境),所以就购买了一个 SSL 证书,并在 Nginx 中启用了新买的证书。

Extract Subtitles From TV Shows

Round Table Party

In the past 3 years, I really enjoyed watching a Chinese talk show called Round Table Party (I couldn’t find any official English name in the show, this name is used a few in other sites, so I am not sure this is correct. It maybe called Table π instead.), which was made by a famous Chinese TV show host Dou Wentao.